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Reagan by Chemo Beanies

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Chemo Beanies - Reagan - Black and White Geometric

One of our most highly-rated products, Chemo Beanies help take the stress out of hair loss (alopecia).

Chemo Beanies are created in a range of colors, patterns and styles. This Chemo Beanie, Reagan is a black and white geometric pattern. The soft, elastic design easily slips on and off yet stays in place all day.

Designed by breast cancer survivors, Chemo Beanies are a practical and stylish option to wigs and hats for women who experience hair loss during chemotherapy.

Also consider purchasing the Susan B. Chemo Beanie Style Set - three Chemo Beanies (including Reagan!) and three pieces of boutique jewelry - at great savings. All three Chemo Beanies come with their own Style Card. 

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