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Someone With recommends a private fitting with a professional breast form fitter. Our Specialist Locator tool will help you find someone in your area. 

We do offer two unique forms that will work for particular situations - swimming and leisure. These forms should be ordered in the same size as the everyday silicone form. They should not be intended as replacements for a silicone breast form, which is specifically designed to balance weight for back health and posture.

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Amoena Purfit Adjustable Enhancer Detail
Availability: In-Stock
Product Description

Amoena - Purfit Adjustable Balance/Enhancer Form

This form is specifically designed for wear during the tissue expansion process of reconstruction. The soft…

Amoena - Aqua Wave Swimform Breast form
Availability: In-Stock
Product Description

Amoena Aqua Wave Swim Form

This Amoena Aqua Wave Swimform features raised waves on the back to allow for the flow of water and air. This form has transparent…

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