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Tanya by Chemo Beanies

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Chemo Beanie - Tanya in Mocha Brown with Ruffle

One of our most highly-rated products, Chemo Beanies help take the stress out of hair loss. Designed by breast cancer survivors, Chemo Beanies are a practical and stylish option to wigs and hats for women who experience hair loss during chemotherapy. 

Chemo Beanies are created in a range of colors, patterns and styles. The soft, elastic design easily slips on and off yet stays in place all day.

The Tanya Chemo Beanie comes with its own Style Card showing you how to wear your new head covering. Our professional stylist provides wardrobe suggestions and outfit ideas specific to each Chemo Beanie.

Consider purchasing the Tanya Style Set - three Chemo Beanies (including Tanya!) and three pieces of boutique jewelry - at great savings. All three Chemo Beanies come with their own Style Card. 

We know that when you are undergoing treatment, being fashionable may not be priority one, but feeling confident and composed is an important part of well-being.

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Average Customer Rating:
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