Someone With - Our Story

Sitting on a committee for the women’s center

Someone With’s founder Paula Jagemann has been described as a “serial entrepreneur” as she has started and then sold several companies.  But she’d given that up several years ago, deciding to retire and volunteer in the community.   Paula found herself on the board of her local hospital (Frederick Memorial Hospital) and part of a panel for a new women’s center.  It certainly seemed innocent enough. 

What patients need

Listening to focus groups with women, many of them breast cancer patients, Paula began to see the need for a single source for breast cancer products.  Typically, a woman is diagnosed on Thursday and faces surgery on Monday.  There are “must have” items she needs -- and quickly.   But a bricks and mortar store within the hospital didn’t make sense.

“Must have" items for breast cancer treatment

Simulating the patient experience, Paula took the photocopied list of “must have” items for breast cancer surgery and treatment and conducted an Internet search for the hospital-recommended products.  That search took five hours, spanned many medical supply websites, and resulted in a slow trickle of products showing up over the course of several weeks.

At that point her entrepreneurial instincts kicked in, and Paula was suddenly out of retirement. Paula vowed to make a five hour search take less than 30 minutes. She knew she could create a “one stop” consolidated source for those critical products, designed for a breast cancer patient dealing with a daunting diagnosis, facing surgery and an uncertain future.  She knew with certainty that a newly diagnosed woman has better ways to use her time.

Someone With is born

Someone With Breast Cancer was launched.  For over three years, Someone With has provided the breast cancer patient a streamlined shopping experience featuring a rating system for products and a patient registry, so friends and family can “gift” the patient with necessary and needed items. All of our products are picked, packed and shipped with the utmost compassion and arrive in a single package that is pleasant and cheerful.

Just the beginning

But breast cancer was just the beginning.  We’ve recently begun to add products for other cancers to  We know there will always be “someone with” a disease which dictates simplified access to a single source of all the supplies and resources they require.  We intend to be that source. We sincerely hope that you find what you need here on our site – and we wish you well on your journey.

Someone With