How to Build An Amazing Life After Treatment Debbie Woodbury"How to Build an Amazing Life After Treatment" by Debbie Woodbury
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"How to Build an Amazing Life After Treatment" by Debbie Woodbury

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Life after cancer treatment is far from easy. Family and friends are eager to get back to normal because “the worst is over.” You want to rejoice and step back into your old life too, but you can’t. Instead, you find yourself in the thick of post-treatment emotional fallout. 

You are not alone. Picking up where she left off in her first book, You Can Thrive After Treatment, Debbie Woodbury reassures and guides you through this normal, yet extremely painful, transition period. 

A breast cancer survivor herself, Debbie shares personal reflections and lets you in on ten more of her simple secrets to creating inspired healing, wellness and your joyous life after cancer. 

How to Build an Amazing Life  After Treatment is a passionately written, heartfelt missive from one survivor to another. If you’re exploring life after treatment, this book was written for you.

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