Robes and Wraps

Robes and Wraps for Cancer Surgery and Treatment

These robes and wraps have been designed by breast cancer survivors.

The Brobe provides support and comfort immediately after breast cancer surgery.

The Shower Shirt allows safe showering while the drains and tubes from breast cancer surgery (or any upper body surgery)are still in place.

The Radiant Wrap is a silky, stylish and dignified wrap to wear during radiation therapy.

Someone With is thrilled to provide these products that have been proven useful during surgery, recovery and treatment.

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Shower Belt for Post-Mastectomy Drains
Availability: In-Stock
Product Description

Designed for women to wear in the shower to hold the post-op fluid drains that come with having a mastectomy, reconstruction surgery, breast augmentation or…

MSRP: $24.99
The Shower Shirt - Mastectomy Shower Shirt
Availability: In-Stock
Product Description

The Shower Shirt solves the problem of how to bathe safely after breast surgery without wetting and possibly causing infection in the surgical site. 

The Radiant Wrap - Radiation Wrap Robe in Lilac
Availability: In-Stock
Product Description

The Radiant Wrap is a silky soft wrap-around gown for those undergoing radiation treatment for cancer.

Comfortable to wear, with full coverage, yet easy to open…

MSRP: $59.00
Reg: $59.00
Save $10.00
The Brobe- Plum - Recovery Robe for Post Surgery healing
Availability: In-Stock
Product Description

The Brobe by Alison Schickel is designed for women who have undergone a mastectomy OR have had breast reconstructive surgery. The robe is lightweight with three…

Reg: $94.00
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