The Radiant Wrap  - Radiation Wrap Robe in NavyRadiation Wrap Robe in Navy - The Radiant Wrap
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Radiation Wrap Robe in Navy - The Radiant Wrap

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The Radiant Wrap in Navy Floral

The Radiant Wrap is a silky soft wrap-around gown for those undergoing radiation treatment for breast cancer. Comfortable to wear, with full coverage, yet easy to open to allow access for treatment.

Designed by a breast cancer survivor, the Radiant Wrap is doctor and radiology technician approved. This Radiant Wrap is a navy background with a floral print, and comes with a matching travel pouch.

One size fits all. 100% soft polyester.

This quick video shows you exactly how easy it is to wear the Radiant Wrap.

How to Wear the Radiant Wrap - Robe for Radiation Treatment 

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