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Soaps and Deodorants

All Natural Soaps and Non-Metallic Deodorant

Someone With carries several different brands of aluminium-free deodorant that is safe to use during chemotherapy treatment and radiation treatment. Many people continue to use these products even after treatment has ended.

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Alra Non-Metallic Deodorant - New Packaging
Availability: In-Stock
Product Description

Alra Deodorant provides all-natural odor protection with no aluminum or metallic ingredients. 

MSRP: $9.99
Alra Mild Soap - for sensitive skin, including radiation burns
Availability: In-Stock
Product Description

Alra All Vegetable Unscented Mild Soap is designed for cleansing sensitive skin post radiation treatment. Naturally occurring glycerine makes the soap more…

MSRP: $6.95
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